Weekly Kayak Rentals on Cape Cod

Down the Cape for the Week? Special Rate for Weekly Kayak Rentals

If you’re a kayak enthusiast or even if you’re new to kayaking but renting a vacation home for the week on Cape Cod, here’s an idea for you: rent a kayak for the week.

The Herring River on Cape Cod behind the Irish Pub

The Herring River on Cape Cod behind the Irish Pub

We have kayak rentals that you can launch from our rental location behind the Irish Pub on the Herring River. With easy access to our large parking lot just beside the Bass River Bridge on Route 28 and we can help you get your kayak into and out of the water.

The Herring River in West Harwich is a perfect place to start your paddling adventure. This scenic waterway is surrounded by 200 miles of Harwich Conservation Lands.

Enjoy your vacation on the Cape and make renting a kayak part of the adventure! Rent a kayak for the week on Cape Cod at Herring River Kayak Rental. Find us behind the Irish Pub on Route 28 in West Harwich. Call (508) 432-1279 for info.

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Summer 2014 Season

Opening mid-June for the 2014 summer season. Full and partial days and weekly kayak rentals on the Herring River in West Harwich.

First Time Kayakers

First time kayakers need just a little guidance in the sport of kayaking. Experienced staff is on hand to guide you on the basics of kayaking. You will start out in a shallow area where the water is calm and where there are no rocks. Entering and exiting your kayak are two of the most difficult situations you will experience. Once on board,  you will need to adjust your foot pedals or place your feet appropriately in the foot well, settle your gear out of the way, and make sure your water bottle is within easy reach.

Entering and Exiting the Kayak

This is a great video for first-time kayakers on how to get in and out of your kayak.

Slide the bow (the front) of the kayak into the water first. place your hand firmly on the stern (the back) grab loop and position the kayak so that the cockpit area (where you sit) is in shallow enough water to stand in. [Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Kayak – see more details here] Hold your paddle in one hand and walk along the side of the kayak to the cockpit area. Steady your kayak while placing the paddle perpendicular to the boat just behind the seat while keeping your fingers up against the cockpit rim. When placing your first leg into the kayak, your best approach is the “cowboy” approach, as in the video; this way, you shift your weight to just over the cockpit (seat) and sit on the back edge of the cockpit, keeping your other foot on the ground. Use the paddle to steady yourself, keep one foot on the floor of the kayak and bring the other leg in. Steady yourself, making sure your balance is good, keeping both fee planted firmly on the floor of the kayak and both hands on your paddle, then slide into your kayak.

Paddling Your Kayak

The kayak paddle has two blades. Center your hands on the paddle, just a little more than shoulder width apart. Grab the paddle overhand with your thumbs around the bottom. Get the feel of the boat and practice distributing your weight from side to side. Sit up straight, place the balls of your feet firmly against the foot pedals or foot wells and let your knees drop to the sides and hold your paddle lightly but securely.

This is a good video on general paddling techniques for beginners. Within ten minutes you should be feeling comfortable and in control. More than that, you will be enjoying the exhilaration of feeling the wind on your face as you cross the waters silently.